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Mental health is often overlooked, but it is just as important to check in on and maintain as physical health. Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric offers a variety of mental health services for Jacksonville, NC and Morehead City, NC residents. We aim to be a reliable resource for you to turn to for all of your mental health issues and concerns. We offer everything from therapy to psychological testing and more. At Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric, "Together We Can Make A Difference" for you. Call us today if you are in the area and need mental health services.

Sometimes, all you need is the compassion and support of the professionals to make it through a rather complicated obstacle in life. Whether you have some mental health care needs that need to be met, or you and the ones you love could use some helpful and fulfilling therapy, Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric Center is here for you in Morehead City, NC and Jacksonville, NC. From the psychological testing to the in-depth process, you can find peace, comfort and move forward towards a happier, healthier you.

Providing psychological evaluations to Jacksonville & Morehead City, NC

Our psychological evaluations play a huge role in how we choose to help you. By utilizing a culmination of different methods, strategies and tests, we are able to accurately and effectively diagnose and treat the issue you are facing through psychological evaluations. We never work on assumptions and will examine patterns, habits and much more to properly evaluate an individual's needs. You may contact us by phone or email to find out if you qualify our our psychological evaluations.

Coastal Carolina Neuro-psychiatric Center is your place for the warm and caring environment you need in effort to succeed towards an improved and healthier state of well being. Our state-of-the art outpatient treatment facilities serve two locations in Jacksonville, NC and Morehead City, NC. Our extremely friendly and caring psychiatrist staff strives to assist patients with anything from health care services to therapy, psychological evaluations and much more. From making your first initial appointment to receiving your psychological evaluations, group therapy and so on, your journey to a successful, flourishing future begins at Coastal Carolina Neuro-psychiatric Center.

We pride ourselves on helping patients realize their full potential so they can live their best life. As part of our mental health services, we perform psychological evaluations at our well-equipped facility Jacksonville, NC. We use a combination of techniques to help determine the cause of psychological symptoms, behavior and personality traits of our patients. This is possible thanks to our advanced medical technology coupled with skilled experts who have years of experience in diagnosis and treatment of mental health conditions. 

Family Therapy Services For Morehead & Jacksonville, NC

The primary goal at Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric is to provide patients with the best tools and methods possible to help them return to and maintain the life they enjoy, whether that means family therapy or something more personal. We offer a wide variety of services to conveniently assist with the many different types of health care needs there are including family therapy. Every person has a different state of being and mind, allowing for differentiating behaviors or mental mindsets. With our in-depth psychiatric evaluations, the professionals at Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric can conclude the source of the off-balance of a person's mental health and psychiatric mind set. Whether it's individual, marital, or family therapy that is needed, they strive to find the answers and to help you find them too.

  • Diagnoses of Mental Disorders through Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Individual, Couples/Marital, Family Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Parenting Skills Education
  • Medication Management
  • Psychological Testing
  • Substance Abuse Evaluations

For more information on all of the services offered at Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric including family therapy, medication management, substance abuse and more, visit our website. We  also offer neuropsychological, forensic, & psychological testing for the extensive value of your needed treatment. From  individual and group, to marital and family therapy, the friendly staff of psychiatric experts, utilize the most modernized methods and techniques to distinguish the distinct outlet and outlook on the deeper issues that revolve around relationships. We make it our priority to meet the every need of you and/or your loved ones' mental health care.

Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric would like to welcome those in search of an answer in Jacksonville, NC and Morehead City, NC, to a compassionate and comforting mental health facility. We want to reassure you that with the help of our psychological testing, family therapy and other services, that our professionalism and genuine concern for your well-being is what will help you find your path to a happier and healthier future.  If you have any questions or concerns, and would like to find out how you or someone you care about can get started with psychological testing, call Coastal Carolina Neuropsychiatric today!

Proudly serving Morehead City and the Jacksonville, NC community offering psychiatrist, psychologist and mental health services. Affiliated with the North Carolina Board Certified Academy of Social Workers.

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